Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KAVLI)  Cancer Links

Physics of Cancer Metastasis, NSF workshop held in Arlington, VA in October 2010.  Workshop brought cancer researchers and theoretical physicists together to discuss cancer metastasis.

Office of Physical Sciences Oncology, National Cancer Institute  (NCI) is exploring new and innovative approaches to better understand and control cancer through initiatives that enable the convergence of the physical sciences with cancer biology. Building on stunning progress in the molecular sciences and advanced technologies, we envision the development of new fields of study based on the application of physical sciences approaches to address major questions and barriers in cancer research.

Princeton Physical Sciences Oncology Center, Princeton University

Center for the Convergence of Physical Science and Cancer Biology, Arizona State University

Physics of Living Systems, Science Across Virtual Institutes, University of California, San Diego. Physics of Living Systems Graduate Student Research Network

Focus on the Physics of Cancer, New Journal of Physics. The growth and proliferation of cancer have traditionally been investigated from a molecular–genetic–biological perspective. Increasingly, however, the mechanisms underpinning the development of cancer cells and tumours are being illuminated from a physical point of view.